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Better Mousetrap,
Better Price
Basic Site, Chinese Only is $800 USD, Plus the English Version Add about $200

Prices differences are based mainly on site functions, so I need to speak with you about what your site will do. That is, I need to know all the functions it will have. Will it store information in a database? Just call me and we can discuss it. I can create for you an online store for about $1200 to $2000 US dollars. I normally need about half of that up front. Do you have products (or various types/levels of services) you'd like to make searchable and viewable online? Would you like to be able to upload your own photos of those products (and many different photos (from different angles etc.)? If this is the case then naturally you will also want a backend system for managing product information such as specs., descriptions, prices, and information regarding how many you have in stock etc.. I write my own custom back-end code for all of this and link it to the database. Every site has a slightly different front-end appearance but also the back-end code can not be just like other sites either. You need a solution (whether you've realized this yet or not) that includes database tables unique to you and your business. There is no CMS ("Content Management System") that will professionally do this for a real, competent business unless all you wish to accomplish is to publish and manage a blog. And that's not a long-term solution for any serious business that has even the slightest inkling that they may their business to scale in the future. Quite frankly, no small or medium-sized business should consider building their business website on top of an architecture that can't scale in the future. This means that no serious buisness (that sells physical products at least) will build their own website with out the help of a true developer who can code their website. Every website I build can be scaled very easily to accomodate 1 million users/records in the database and with substantial daily traffic to their site. In fact they are all ready-made to do just that right now! There would be no need to make any changes to your site if you made 1 million sales over the next year! If you'd like to have a blog where you talk about your travels and life in Egypt, or wherever, then go get a do-it-yourself account somewhere and struggle a tiny bit 'til you get it setup and going. It won't take long; and it won't be able to do much or scale and increase over time. You won't have any data, so you won't need to worry about what you can do with it in the future.

Eventually, what you spend time and money on (or, perhaps more appropriately, what you pay your developer to spend time on) will need to integrate with the new parts of your enterprise (or at least the IT/web-presence aspect at any rate) that you add to your business system as you grow and develop. I don't need to build you a huge, overwhelming system to begin with. However, you need to be prepared to take your site and your IT system to the next level as you progress and grow. Whether it's mobile apps interacting with the network or facebook friends' referrals, your success these days may very well require a competent coder from the outset. As I'm starting a new business, you'll get many of my skills for less than they would cost you if you went to a large and established web-development firm. Furthermore, you'll have personal attention and fast availability that you will never get from a large firm.

If you need me to debug code or fix ad hoc problems I'd love to help you out. My hourly rate for such services is $35.00 USD per hour. I require a minimum two (2) hour deposit; and I bill you by written statement sent by email and will tell you in advance when you need to forward another deposit in those cases where that is necessary. If it turns out the debugging was trivial and/or so easy it only took me, let's say 20 or 30 minutes, I'll likely return the balance to you. You can call and consult with me about my services and to get an estimate.
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