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The fastest way for you to determine if I might match your web design and development needs is for you to take a quick look at the "Samples" menu item above (it is the second menu item at the top from the left) and see if you can accept the prices associated with the type(s) of website you're interested in. Then we can discuss more of the details in person or by phone/skype. Please always send an email in addition to calling; if you call first.

The text snippets that adorn the pictures in this site are designed to give you a cut-to-the-chase, brass tacks summary of what I have to offer. In some parts of my site I go into the technologies that I use. It is really not as relevant to people who are creating a new website. When I do contract work that stuff is more relevant. Just skip it if it isn't relevant. Throughout my site, you'll notice that there is quite a bit of text content. I believe it's better to provide a lot of detail and let the reader decide if he or she can skip it. The second reason my pages are a bit wordy is that it is good for SEO.
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If you'd like a rock-solid web designer in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong or even Shanghai, China (and one who's easy to communicate with): I'm your choice. I use PHP as my main web-programming language, which is exceedingly popular world-wide. PHP is also popular with software and web designers in China and Hong Kong as well. Regardless, of what "kind" of developer you may or may not think you need: don't hesitate to contact me directly so that we can meet in person or at least speak on the phone. I live in the Longgang district of Shenzhen, China and if you're anywhere near me down in south China we should meet. While it's true that most aspects of web design can be done from afar, there are good reasons to hire a web design company in Hong Kong, Guangzhou or Shenzhen locally.

Both Shenzhen and Hong Kong are great cities to live in. While there are many web designers and developers in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Hong Kong, China, there are not many who are fluent in both English and Chinese. If you are located anywhere in China's Guangdong province I would love to be your go-to-guy for website design and development. And if you are in Shanghai I have no problem doing skype discussions. I also can develop other applications you need only tell me what you want it to do. Hiring a US citizen web developer in China is not necessarily more expensive either. I know and interact with Chinese designers locally, and read the same books (and in the same language) they do.

Recently I have begun developing a few real-estate related websites which use Google Cloud's Firebase platform. Whenever a person is on the hunt for an apartment to rent or home to buy, they're interested in comparing prices and seeing pictures of their potential, future abode. Firebase comes loaded with a CDN, and a good one at that. If you want to rent a house or apartment in Sosua, you may be located in any number of distant countries or regions. So, when the pictures of a prospective apartments or properties need to load, it should happen quickly.

I also make mobile applications. You can view one of them on the Apple App store here: Spanish Frequency Dictionary App. Further, I've got a WordPress blog with a custom theme that features various web development "how to" code examples and tutorials.
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